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Shamanism in Modern Day Society

Shamanism in Modern Day SocietybyShuem Healing

The most ancient heritage of healing and spiritual development mankind is known to is nowadays a practical and effective way to find healing, balance, wider states of consciousness, inner peace and inner strength.

Living in an altering world is a challenge for everyone. Credit crisis, natural disasters and high government debts all effect the way we feel and act on a personal level. Oftentimes it evokes stress,agitation, depression and as a result we don't see many options for harmony, calmness and happiness. More and more people turn to spirituality, in which ancient ways of finding God (Buddhism, Shamanism, Yoga etc) and new insights of quantum physics all give a similar direction. It starts with knowing yourself and uncovering your greatest potential, which is far more then the body-mind mechanism we usually identify with.

Shamanism is the most ancient way of healing and spiritual development known to man. Although from times long ago and different cultural settings, it still is a powerful and effective method to experience harmony and joy in daily life. It is a course for the inner warrior who is searching for freedom and who is willing to undergo a transformation in the way he experiences life.

Shamanism developed all over the world in traditional cultures. Many associate shamanism with fascinating rites, Indian people, tipi's and other customs that are related to the life circumstances in the cultures where shamanism developed. The purpose of shamanism for Western people is located in the inner world. It is about the way you experience life, no matter what your life circumstances. When you live in a small apartment in a hectic city, shamanism can show a way to experience more peace and rest while living your life in the city.

According to Shu'em shamanism, attention management is a key-ingredient and can be practised by everyone. Most people are hardly aware of the way they deal with their attention and incessantly throw away their life energy. Feelings and thoughts float from here to there and are oftentimes strongly diverted. While thinking takes you on a course of action, feeling can give quite a different impulse and your opinions might be dissimilar again. You waste your energy to all these incongruities and get tired out without knowing why. The result is an ongoing internal monologue that narrows down the way you encounter living.

In every spiritual tradition as in shamanism, the first and most important step is to train the mind and silence the internalspeech. Then you start to manage your energy more beneficially that oftentimes gives improvement in the way you experience daily life. Once you start storing your energy by attention management, you can make use of it more freely and steer it into projects that have real value to you and enrich daily living.

Shamanism is the art of making use of altered states of consciousness. It is almost contrary to the Western approach of psychological and emotional problems, in which analyses and understanding has great status. It is very well possible to know where your problems are originated, without really solving them. By using altered states of consciousness, these problems can become transformed directly where the roots of these problems are, on a deep, subconscious level. Once the roots are transformed, painful memories and traumas that you experienced in life are still there but no longer rule the way you encounter life nowadays.

Although most people don't become a shaman, shamanism can contribute to everyone's life. When you encounter lots of problems healing by a shaman can give deep relief and oftentimes new perspectives and chances in daily life. Shamanic techniques and energy management are also a powerful way of transformation and spiritual development. It is about developing an open perspective in which you are free of definitions and opinions and can easily flow with the circumstances and challenges that come your way.

About the author:
Shuem Healing offers shamanic healing, meditation and teachings live online by Shuem shaman Stefan. Individual healing since 1998 and Shamanic Teachings and Professional Healer Training since 2000, he works from a wide experience.


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