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Shamanic Journey: Showgirls and Scorpions

Shamanic Journey: Showgirls and ScorpionsbyKara Thompson

journeyed on the question “How can Zola find well-being now, and what actions can be take to resolve her situation?”.

As I kicked off to enter non-ordinary reality, I saw “myself” dressed as a Vegas-style showgirl. (Note: As usual, the “me” that appears in the journey, represents the person I am doing the journey for.) I was wearing a bright pink headdress made out of pink feather and rhinestones and a pink bra and panties covered in rhinestones, with pink high heels. I was smoking. When I asked if there was anything Zola should know in relation to my outfit, “I” said “Go to Vegas baby!”. Then I crushed out my cigarette with my shoe, and took off for the Upper World.

I exited the Upper World, via bus doors. I could hear the hiss of the bus brakes as I stepped out of the bus. I asked for messages for Zola.

The first thing I saw was a scorpion. I had to keep concentrating on the scorpion to get all the messages it was bringing for Zola. (Note: It is unusual to get this type of poisoning insect in the Upper World, and having one in a journey usually indicates there is much nastiness afoot. Generally when journeying you must be very wary of the poisonous insects.)

The scorpion’s messages for Zola were important. They were also somewhat unusual.

The scorpion’s first indication to Zola, was to “lay low”. Like the scorpion who is so low to the ground it is essentially flat, Zola was told to maintain a low profile in the events occurring in her life. However, like the zig-zagging scorpion, Zola was instructed to also stay unpredictable in what she does. Whoever she was dealing with, Zola was advised that her best strategy is to pretend to some extent that she is bumbling and uncertain of herself. At the same time, she was advised to occasionally remind those causing her problems, that in subtle ways she is very powerful, in that she could poison them and kill them at any moment you chose to. Scorpions message to Zola was that even though she may feel powerless in her situation, she still has “unofficial” power over those causing her problems, like going to the media, etc. Even if seems Zola is powerless, she does have some forms of power over them that aren’t at all obvious, and she shouldn’t forget that.

Zola was instructed to be very deliberate and slow in whatever movements she was to take. Zola was instructed to take as much time as she needs, and “feel” her way through things. It is important to the way events unfold that Zola take as much time as she needs to satisfy herself that things are proceeding as they should.

The second thing I saw after the scorpion left is that the toes of my shoes, grew and grew. The message here for Zola was “Don’t trip over your own feet” in your effort to get out of the situation she is in now. Again, she must be very deliberate and slow in her actions, ie. “Walk very slowly”.

The message for wellness indicated in the Upper World was the image of Zola holding many, many kittens. I assumed that this meant that the comfort of holding and petting real kittens would make Zola feel better. (In our conversation later, Zola confirmed that she did in fact come in contact with a lot of kittens as volunteer for a cat rescue organization!)

The bus pulled up again, and I was supposed to get back on the bus. I told the driver that I needed to go where there was wisdom for Zola. The driver turned around, and appeared to be a demon. The demon leered at me and said nastily “I bet you’d like that”. (Note: the fact that there was a demon appearing in this journey as well, indicates that there is an abnormally high level of nastiness in Zola’s life at the moment.)

I was overcome with anger that the demon would speak about Zola that way. I screamed at the demon “You can’t treat Zola that way!” The energy I sent to protect Zola transformed the demon into a swan.

The swan was Zola, being in the driver’s seat of her own life right now. The message to Zola was that she can be the driver in the bus of her own destiny. But like the swan, Zola will have to be calm and serene. Zola was instructed to call on Swan for the calmness required to “drive her own bus” carefully and deliberately choose her own path. Zola was shown to me to appear as the swan - calm and serene on the service, even though she may be paddling like crazy underneath the surface.

The swan drove the bus slowly and carefully to the Lower World. I got off the bus, and the lower world was strangely silent, except for a “ribbit” I heard. I saw and heard the frog several more times, as it was trying to get my attention and indicate to me that it was Zola's power animal.

Zola's power animal, Frog, is a beautiful leaf-green. It has beautiful skin (this indicated that Zola probably does too, which she did confirm for me later). Frog’s skin is smooth and shiny, and Frog’s gorgeous skin is a big key to its beauty and power. As Frog has very porous skin, it absorbs a lot of information through it’s skin. This indicated that Zola probably also absorbs a lot of things around her without even trying (information, emotions of those around you, etc.) Zola confirmed in our later conversation that this was true.

Zola’s Frog had a very agile mind, along with the agile body. He could leap from plant to plant in the pond as quickly as he wanted. To me this indicates that Zola’s mind can grasp very complicated arguments and information very easily.

Frog is very straightforward, what you see is what you get. This indicated that Zola is not into mind games or deceit. I also understood that Zola may often be underestimated, like the frog’s place in nature is often underestimated.

The message for Zola about wellness in her time of crisis, was that she would benefit greatly from anything that drowns out the chatter of her mind, which is uses repetitive movements. Swimming (which will also connect her more with Frog) was definitely recommended. But anything mind-quieting and repetitive was also indicated as being beneficial for Zola.

I was also told the stillness of a quiet pond, with only nature sounds would benefit Zola’s mental and spiritual health at the moment.

I asked for any additional messages Zola should know. I heard “Tell her it will be over soon.” The image was of Zola leaving a hot, humid, sticky and poisonous place. Once Zola has made it through this situation it will be like breaking through a membrane. Once the situation is resolved, the membrane will pop and Zola will be flooded with fresh air. She will be able to breathe deeply again and relax.


Talking with Zola about this journey and how it applied to her life was very interesting. Zola is in the middle of a painful transition in her life, mostly caused by others, and largely out of her direct control.

Scorpion came to help Zola out with navigating this particular situation in her life. Scorpion had some very interesting wisdom for her in her particular situation. His message was largely about the hidden powers of the powerless. Since scorpion also represents death and rebirth, the transmutation of poison and the reflecting dark and negative energy back to its sender, he is an ideal animal for her to call on at this time in her life.

Swan was also appearing for Zola to call upon for strength with this particular issue in her life. As Swan, in addition to helping Zola appear calm in the face of great stress, also represents awakening the power of self, understanding spiritual evolution and developing intuitive abilities, I also think Swan’s wisdom will help her grow spiritually and intuitively.

Zola was shown to me to have a huge natural intuitive ability, which will help her in this transition, as will her closer connection with her power animal Frog. Since Frog represents transformation, rebirth and cleansing, I have no doubt that as Zola “feels” her way through this tricky transition, she will not only triumph over the situation, but gifts will be revealed to her as a result of her personal growth, even though it may be stressful.

Zola thought the showgirl was there to remind her to have more fun in her life. Reminding ourselves to have what we consider "fun" is something which many of us could probably use a reminder of! Fun is a serious business. Fun is what lets you be your authentic self. I'm sure I'll be writing more about the deep need for fun!

Thanks very much to Zola for agreeing to share this journey reading! Thanks to the Creator for allowing me to deliver this journey reading to Zola!

Copyright 2010 :: Kara Thompson

Need to bring out your inner showgirl? or help to navigate through a tricky situation in your own life? Email Kara at, to book an appointment.

About the author:
Kara is the author of, where she performs shamanic journeys for clients, and writes on authenticity and strengthening intuition.


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