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Hunting For Ancient Truths

Hunting For Ancient TruthsbyShaman Elder Maggie Wahls

There are many sacred things around us. All of life is sacred and holy. Every tree every blade of grass and even more so is each person holy. Creator has throughout the ages bestowed special blessings upon us children. There are many holy truths and gifts around the world in every culture and time. We can take for example, Reiki or Kung Fu or Tai Chi, or the Ark of the Covenant or Buddha or Jesus and many others including sacred rites like the medicine wheel or the vision quest or Christmas. But I believe that all these gifts, these teachings and blessings are meant for everyone, not just for a few.

The reason they got into the hands of the few? This is a good story. Letís look at the origins of Feng Shui. This is how the story of Feng Shui was told to me by a very old Japanese Sensai. There was a very holy man who had a gift for construction. He could build anything and was much respected for his understanding of geology and astronomy and the way nature worked. Japan is situated on the cross roads of 4 geological faults and so is very prone to earthquakes. One day the emperor came to this man and asked him to find a way to build a tunnel under the water to connect the two halves of his city together. And the man studied the land and the rocks and minerals and found a layer of softer stone embedded in the harder rock and had the workers dig into this softer rock and actually did create a tunnel from one side to the next.

Well of course everyone though it was miraculous and the emperor bestowed high honors on this man. Then the man went on his daily walk and he found a cave and he saw a light coming from the cave and he went inside and there he met the god of geomancy or rocks and crystals who gave him the secret of feng shui, how to use the earth and it natural magnetic qualities to bring peace and harmony into one\'s life. He was given the gift because he was so good with rocks and earth already and he also said that his mother had birthed him under a rainbow and so he was blessed.

Anyway, (I love the way old stories become folktales of wonder!) he then began to practice feng shui for his clients and many people were blessed with good fortune and happiness including the emperor. But the man never wrote anything down. He kept all his knowledge in his head and never shared anything with anyone. Why didn\'t he share it?

Finally he died and his nephew wanted his fame and fortune, his knowledge to make money and be rich. So he knew a little of what his uncle did and he looked up into the stars and saw the North star and he got a compass out and stared at it for a few days and then he proclaimed that he had inherited the knowledge of his uncle and now had added a compass to feng shui, to make it work for him. Well it never worked quite so well again. Sure he had what he had gleaned from his uncle but he did not have it all. He made up the part about the compass himself and that compass is still a major part of feng shui. It is accepted now after 4,000 years as a definite part of feng shui but in truth it was never a part of what the uncle had been given by the spirit of the earth.

So here is my point. That when a gift of knowledge, a seed of discernment is given to a person or group of people, they tend to hoard that teaching to themselves. They don\'t share it with others. Why? Maybe they want the power contained in that wisdom for themselves. Maybe they want to be special, the special few with that knowledge. Maybe they see it as a way to get rich and so they charge people for the gift. Maybe they think no one else could understand it or use it so they keep it hidden away. There are many reasons why these gems from long ago became buried.

But I believe that each one of these pearls of wisdom was meant for each and every one of us. They were not meant to be sealed up in clay jars or taken to the grave by greedy people. We have lost so many of the gifts given to us by Creator. Thank goodness Creator does not stop giving us gifts!

I have spent the last 30 years pursuing metaphysical archaeology. I am trying to find those original gifts, seeds of wisdom, acts of discernment, items of power that have been given to us all throughout the ages. They are in every culture and all through out time. I believe that they are each a piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle. And if we could find them all and put them all together we would have the secret to life, the reason for existence, the answer to the great question, the meaning of life.

But many pieces are lost forever. And some pieces are only partially intact, like a jigsaw piece that has been chewed on by a dog or was mangled in a washing machine. This is not an easy jigsaw to assemble. And where are we to find the pieces? They are well hidden in books like the Torah, the Bible, in places like the pyramids of Egypt, the temples of Tibet, the vaults of the Vatican, and in objects such as the crystal skull and the Holy Grail.

My fondest hope is that a group of my peers with the same objective of assembling this jigsaw will come together in the spirit of cooperation and healing humanity at large to share the pieces they have found and to assemble this jigsaw for the benefit of all mankind. In fact, I am highly surprised and disappointed that this has not already been done by previous generations. Why is this not being done today? I am not anyone special. I am not trained in these mysteries as are many others. Where are the archaeologists and researchers who have access to these precious and sacred artifacts and locations? Why aren\'t they gathering to share what they know for our benefit? I am surely not the first or only person who sees the importance of doing this work!

So I welcome anyone who would like to be involved in this process. This is a love of mine and every time I see a glimpse of the universal truth I get so excited! The Traditional Shamanism that I practice and teach as handed down by my own family lineage is universal in its scope and power. Traditional Shamanism consists of a set of these universal truths that have not been lost through the ages. My goal is to keep the universal truths of Traditional Shamanism alive as I was taught them to give them to the minds and hearts of my students and I am honored and pleased to share what I know and have experienced with you.

About the author:
Copyright 2010 Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls has been a practicing Tradtitional Shaman for over 50 years and now offers an online individualized correspondence course to begin this study. Many people on this earth have been Traditional Shamans in other lives and only need to reconnect with their lost knowledge and skills to bring shamanic healing back to Mother Earth and its peoples. This is Shaman Elderís goal. Please visit her website at or write her an email for a free consultation at


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Maureen - June 25th 2010 09:05:02 PM
Shamanic healing focuses on energetic and emotional "spring cleaning" and then on bringing a person back to wholeness. We often travel through life dragging all our emotional baggage with us, but this is not necessary! We can leave it all behind us and move forward into a life of happiness and freedom, and liberate ourselves from our past through Shamanic healing Shamanic healing

Maureen - June 17th 2010 07:53:33 AM
There are universal truths which are spiritual gems shared by many cultures and traditions. How interesting would a search for these truths be, especially with like-minded people who have access to differing resources! Shamanism as taught by Shaman Elder Maggie is a treasure of great scope and universality. I have been studying with her for a long time and I love the ever-increasing depth to these teachings. They are deep inside me! Aho!

Maureen - June 23rd 2010 12:21:39 PM
So much of what we take as "fact" turns out to be fiction. So interesting! Thanks for the info!

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