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The Energetic Wave

The Energetic WavebyFran Russo

The energetic wave that is now here
has been predicted, by many cultures throughout the world for centuries,
as a time of great significance. The foundation that is created in 2010 contributes to the outcome in 2012.
No one knows what that outcome will be. The Gathering occurring now is of the two Principle Forces - Light and Shadow. Be aware of how both are working with and on you now. Light works with you - Shadow works on you. Perceive how you are being caught in the shadow play and of what is happening in your life. Simply there cannot be any more putting things off or getting lost in the story of your own life, so the bigger picture is not seen. Keep moving. Don't engage and don't let the shadows engage you.
Sometimes situations in our lives, for that matter, just daily living, tend to be overwhelming. When that happens, there can be a feeling that there is so much to do, just one more thing, even if it's something we really want to do, can feel like it's one too many. So, like a deer frozen in the headlights, we get stuck. The more resistance you feel, the faster you have to move.
It doesn't matter if you want to, or
it feels "right", or anything else for that matter.
You can always make another choice of how you deal with things. Fly above any abyss shadow is trying to pull you into. Perceive the energetic before engaging the physical. Know what you know. It is what it is. Keep your Intent clear and then make your choice.
We have to step in and show up. Every time we don’t, when we have gotten True Guidance to do so,a ripple is created. We don’t have time for stories, excuses for not showing up. We all have to go way beyond the personal and know it’s not about us personally, it never was. When we took that Vow of Light well before we were ever born into any body, we agreed to be unconditional, to do and be whatever will serve the Greater Good, even if it is not what we want to do. We have to go deep into our cores. Just when we think we can’t go any deeper, we have to go deeper until we are laid open to the Light, revealing who and what we really are. When we question that Guidance, be assured that is shadow doing what it can to deceive and distract you. It really is quite simple to know the difference between True Guidance and that of shadow. When True Guidance is given, it’s clear and clean, no chatter around it. Shadow is filled with the chatter of doubt, the
“what ifs.” The major avenue through which shadow gains entrance is through emotions. We’re all familiar with
that uneasy feeling in our bellies, triggering all sorts of emotions –
this is shadow trying to distract us.
There are times it is not clear what
we are One means. The energetic is
the beautiful cloth of Creation. If a “wrinkle” happens,we have to perceive what that wrinkle is and if it is our job to smooth it out. At times, it may seem easier to just leave the wrinkle in, with the thought that we will smooth it out eventually, or to let somebody who “knows” more to do it for us. However, if that wrinkle is left in, it will create other wrinkles and patterns that were not in the original weave. This is where we must perceive if those patterns are part of evolution or have to be removed. We have seen just how ripples can manifest in the physical world – 9/11, war, dissent between peoples. We, who are conscious of the Unseen,the Unknown,the Unspoken, must clear those ripples before they ever occur.

It is imperative that we all connect, in Ceremony, through Prayer, Intent, and Love. Ceremony can simply mean being kind to each other. As conscious Vessels of Light, what we do and be does matter. What we do for ourselves, we do for the greater good, not because it serves us only,but because it serves us all. Now is the time that we must all step in. Step in way beyond our comfort/safety zones and clear those ripples that continue to create distortions and confusions in all our lives, in the very being of Pachamama.
Let Go!
The only way anything can ever happen is to let go so it can. Once you have formed your thought, through Intent, let go. If you keep checking in on it to see if “it” happened yet, it won’t. When is what you want going to happen, what’s taking so long, did you do something wrong, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Think of it as a seed. You have to plant that seed in the ground, not too deep or too shallow, or it can’t take root and grow. If you keep checking to see if it has roots yet, the soil keeps getting disturbed and it won’t ever be able to grow. If you know you have done your planting well, with the clean, clear intent a strong plant that will feed all will flourish and grow, you can step back. Stop thinking about it. You don’t have to work so hard at it. It’s growing. Your Intent works the same way.
Now Let Go and Keep Moving

About the author:
Fran Russo is a shaman/curandera in the Inca, North Coast,and jungle traditions of Peru. For many years, she helps others to follow the natural flow of their paths through the strength of true self. Fran takes groups into Peru, from the Andes to the Amazon. Through her organization, Ayllusuyu, Fran offers the gifts of Peru through television, workshops, groups, individual healing sessions, and journeys to Peru. Fran is the author of Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman’s Journey.


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