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10,000 Souls of Srebreniça

10,000 Souls of Srebreniçabya little hollow bone

A shaman's tasks includes being a psychopomp, a guide to the soul. To fulfill this responsibility the shaman journeys, dreams, tells stories and gives gifts. This tale from Oz contains them all.

A witness to the horrors of Srebreniça came home. They were suffering the effects of soul harm, and eventually sought safety in a hospital, but to no avail. Of Native American descent, the person knew something was wrong, but modern medicine could only sedate them into quiescence. They still saw visions, slept with the lights on, and were very unhappy.

This person had a friend. The friend visited me and wondered if something could be done. I would try, with the permission of the person. We met and talked, but I asked NOT to be told details. What they did tell me was that they considered their memories a Gift, even though they were disturbing, but that something else lay coiled in them.

I journeyed. What Spirit showed me made no sense. Crackling, ripping noises--the drone of something in the air--a pile of orange-mud-covered writhing worm shapes--a pit of terror with streams of slowly oozing black fluid--and a vivid view of a backhoe digging up more worm shapes, some with bone exposed...that black birds were flocking to peck at. There was a power animal, a large-eyed monkey. Immediately after my head felt swollen, as if something were now inside, and I began to sleep with the lights on.

It was a week before the person and I met. In that time the social network I am a member of went crazy. Stress, fear, wild posts that had not been there before. Then, the night before I met the person, I dreamed.

I dreamed of hundreds of butterflies, emerging from their chrysalids in a meadow on gently rolling hills. It was a dewy, sunny spring morning. Every sense was hyperacute, as if my eyes, for example, were both telescopes and microscopes. The sharpness of the detail and the wonder of watching these beautiful butterflies escape their muddy-brown shells and fly into the Light was awe-inspiring. I did not want to return, but was sent back. My work here is not done—yet.

Before meeting with the person I bought on impulse a stuffed toy of large-eyed monkey! Ahh! Their power animal, an assistant to help them witness. I was also given a name (though not its spelling) and eventually found Srebreniça, site of a genocide. All the scenes in my journey made sense, and I knew that I had been given 1000 of the 10000 souls the person was carrying. Spirit had allowed me to carry and heal 1000 of them. At our meeting the person had known that something had happened. Also, the social network calmed down that day, as if a switch had been turned off.

The person accepted their gifts, was grateful that they could now be empowered to help the souls of the victims, and we both wept a bit for joy. Native American people have a way to restore harmony for those who return from war and unrest, but I would not think of trying to mimic one of their ceremonies, although I have some Native American ancestors. Instead, Spirit guided this shaman to share in the healing, and allow the person to follow their own culture's ceremony at a later date.

Mitakuye Oyasin—and this healing shows it: the person, the modern shaman, and the 10,000 souls of Srebreniça!

About the author:
"a little hollow bone" is a scientist trained in core shamanism and soul retrieval by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. After that he let Spirit guide his shamanic pathway. Much of what he has learned is told in stories about Oz, where healings take place (for free) at The Friendly House in the woods, and your Power Animal might turn up if you are not in a hurry. Those who seek “bone” out always teach him something new. His clients are his gift from Spirit.


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