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The Corporate Shaman Way - Path to a Changed World: Living with Spirit, Solving our problems, Being a change agent…

The Corporate Shaman Way - Path to a Changed World: Living with Spirit, Solving our problems, Being a change agent…byDr. William Jason P'Mara (PhD)

The Corporate Shaman Way - Path to a Changed World
Living with Spirit, Solving our problems, Being a change agent…

by William Jason O’Mara PhD

Every week I receive email from one group/individual or another frustrated by the state of the world…. The war, the environment, crime, poverty, addiction, oil prices, etc. We all see and know this because it is advertised everywhere on TV, in magazines, newspapers, and discussed in every office building, coffee shop. All the problems surround us. And it affects us all in our ability to perform at work and be happy. Our energy goes down, we get depressed, and we are not up to the challenges. Often I say the more you grow along the path the more these issues will bother you. Now, we feel it.

This article is to discuss how we can stay strong, even be an agent of change in a world so full of issues. We all need to be effective at work, earn a living and have a plan to handle the bombardment of problems, fulfill our longing to make a difference.

Let’s start by asking why are there problems and what do we do about them? Often what I hear in those many emails I receive is a) people are fed up with all the problems (will we ever be without them?), and b) an intense anger that an assumed perpetrator (often our own government) needs to ‘straightened out’. I hear you. I understand. I often feel the same. There is so much to be outraged about… and if you’re not outraged I would suggest you are not in-tune with your heart. Yet, what do you do with your outrage? Repress it, ignore it… workaholic it away? Some attack those they perceive as the cause believing that will help. Some wallow in drugs or addiction to numb it away. Some meditate into deep peace and release all problems.

The Way of the Corporate Shaman (WCS) asks two things of us very pertinent to our discussion:

The first key is to master the sacred way, live in Higher-self. Meaning, find your path to God and each day connect in and run your life from this place of wholeness. This also means putting yourself first. Each of us needs extraordinary energy to grow and serve in this life. You can’t give what you don’t have. So, filling yourself daily through meditation, yoga, exercise, prayer, light etc, is mandatory. Not a nice ‘do it when it’s convenient thing’, but the absolute disciplined daily habit foundation for our life. And here is why. If we are not centered, inwardly peaceful, strong and getting our energy from God/Earth then by default our Lower self kicks in and we literally seek to ‘suck’ energy from other people through 4 control dramas to make up for it. The control dramas are the root of all the problems we see in the world. Higher-self people do not pollute, steal, hurt, oppress, etc. The 4 are: The intimidator, The interrogator, The aloof, and the poor me. Read James Redfield’s classic, The Celestine Prophecy; for a review of these four. Each of these is simply an unconscious pattern we develop to fill up because no one taught us another way. No one taught us the sacred way. And when we leave the cocoon of mom-dad at 18, the transition must take place to learn how to create our own energy or the Lower-self will kick in and see all of life and people as an energy competition (security, control, approval), a threat, a game to see who can win. People in their 20s now are more lost than ever. This energy game ignites more and more Lower-selves and the mad thinking that goes with it. All are exacerbated by all the escalating problems bombarding us.

The second key to the Way of the Corporate Shaman, after learning how to fill up and be whole with God, is to flow out…to master the art of true sacred service… through heart, wisdom and skill. The CS leader considers more by the very nature of living the sacred way, than others do. He goes deeper to heal, to learn, to purify, to vision quest. This is evolution. A manager considers profit. A leader considers profit and people. A CS leader considers profit, people, and our earth. All are needed. The CS leader is savvy, aware, smart, thoughtful. He understands what is needed for all to win and does whatever it takes with impeccable integrity to rally a team together to accomplish it. We must be effective and more so each year. This is needed and fun. There is always a way to do 3 times more in half the time when you consider the whole. Lower-self leaders for generations have never considered this and continue to choose win-lose-lose decisions that devastate our world. The current clash behind the continued mass production of gasoline-powered cars vs. electric, hydrogen etc. cars is one of these issues. Can we engage true service to all instead? Can we go deeper and find true sustainable answers?

Therefore, we must do what it takes to live in our hearts by filling up each day and tuning in to what is sacred… and then we step out each day to serve… to be ‘Johnny Apple-seeds’ ambassadors so to speak of goodness. Some call this being a light worker… that everywhere you go you are the light of good, of service, of optimism, of right. But not in some etheric, new age, flaky way, but in the most practical grounded way. Does your life this day prosper anyone? Are you solving real problems, contributing? Has another human being breathed easier because of you? Did you inspire another today to grow beyond a limit? Did you bring a team together, teach them the path and create something you are all deeply moved and proud of? Being Higher-self helps you be more productive, happy, solve problems, and change the world.

This is the foundation. This is what the CS book points to and more. This is what people are studying, to remember, to gather in community to share, to step forward into our greatness inside and out in the world.
Yet some of you may say… sure, this is good, but how can we really use this to be more effective at work, solve world issues?

Let me ask you… enter the silence for 3 minutes now and ask your own heart for a response. You will get one, for it is there. This is personal… as you listen to your heart you may decide to: do nothing and ignore issues, seek healing for all the anger you hold, or deepen your practice to be more energetically strong…. Or create prayer circles and send out blessings, or be an activist and raise money for a cause. All are beautiful. There is no single right way. Do what you are called to.

Raising your own energy and sending energy and thoughts of awakening to our leaders and thoughts of healing to our earth is something I practice each day. This is powerful. The more who do this, the more powerful the impact. Join me for 1 minute each day at 7am wherever you are to sit in silence, breathe in energy and send out blessings to the world in any way you wish. This is a vital way to a changed world. Fill up, flow out. But you decide, for there are many ways. Many saints lived as hermits and talked to very few people… others were highly active in the world. In the book by Hawkins, Power vs. Force, he suggests that as you raise your energy and find inner peace, your presence helps hundreds, even thousands of others without even saying a word. Your happiness is the greatest gift you can give the world. Others like Martin Luther King impacted many with powerful nonviolent activism. You choose.

Food for the Way:

          Just for today: (The Reiki Principles)
                     I will be grateful, one with God
                     I will not be angry
                     I will do my work honestly
                     I will not worry
        I will kind to my neighbor and every living thing and be love.

There is always so much to share, but my writing time is now up. Reread this message, share it, discuss it with others… Write me with your thoughts. Together we can embrace a higher collective truth and create a greater world. Community makes it all work. Thanks for being a part of this wild and wonderful ride called life. Drive on and make a difference! Join me at an Illuminations Circle near you for more... see,

In Peace to you,

William Jason O’Mara
Corporate Shaman Way Int. Inc.
Author, Facilitator, Visionary
P. 760-809-4478

About the author:
William Jason O’Mara, Ph.D., has been a pioneer in the spiritual growth field for many years and is considered one of America’s most gifted leadership teachers. He is president of Corporate Shaman Way – an Institute for Leadership Studies. He has an advanced degree in Psychology as well as certifications in Naam Yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Holistic Health, and he is a Reiki Master. His book, The Godspell Solution, is considered a modern day philosophical classic. His epic book, The Way of the Corporate Shaman, is a breakthrough in the genre of spirituality in business. He has led workshops, Mastermind groups, community retreats, and gatherings in New York, San Diego and all over the USA for the past 10 years sharing his business expertise and the native American wisdom he learned during his time with the renowned native American “spirit caller” Speaking Wind. He is an award-winning corporate speaker and is available for select speaking engagements and consultations.


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