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Lessons From The Dead

Lessons From The DeadbyAmy Frank

Lessons Taught from the Dead
By Shaman Amy Frank

I have a very special gift. I am able to communicate with beings in the other worlds almost as well as I communicate with people here in our own physical world. The wonderful thing about this gift is the lessons I have learned from those who have passed on. I truly believe the words “passed on” or “transitioned” are correct, because leaving this realm is not the end of existence, it is just a passage to another realm.

I now have the true understanding of dying. So now death is not fearful to me. When we die it is no different than being born and also just as uncontrollable to the spirit. In other words, when it is time to be born there is nothing the spirit can do to stop it from happening. They will be born into this world, like it or not. The same with dying, a spirit can not stop the dying process. They will die and go on to the next realm like it or not.

Another thing about dying is that you take with you all of your emotions, and any other ideas you had in this realm. In other words, there is no escaping from your deeds that you did while you were in this realm. If you did something nasty here you will face it in the next realm. If you murdered someone, you will face that dead person in the other realm and they well make you know about what you did. If you did good things, also you will face that as well. People you helped, were kind to, etc. will remind you over and over at the wonderful things you did for them and you will feel happy at what you did in this realm. But not only does this apply to people but to animals as well. If you used to enjoy setting dogs on fire or drowning cats, you will be faced with that as well.
If you didn’t get all you were meant to do in this realm, or you were careless with the precious physical body you were gifted with, you will be faced with remorse and sadness. If you had shattered relationships in this realm, guess what, you take all of your dysfunction with you, and all of the unhappiness too. The most difficult thing of all when a person goes to the next realm is seeing over and over again all the mistakes they made when they were here.

There are many lessons that the spirit people want me to tell all of us here in this realm.
1. Do your best with relationships so when you pass on, you will not be faced with how awful you were. Don’t focuse on how the other should have done this or that. Just do your best to be as good as possible to all people and everything else in this realm.
2. Don’t commit suicide. Commiting suicide is not the excape people think it is. It is far better to resolve stuff here in this realm than to excape to the other realm because you will take all that stuff with you and so it is NOT AN ESCAPE AT ALL.
3. Forgive your relations that have passed on. They really need forgiveness because they carry a heavy burden.
4. Keep an altar for your ancestors and pray for them in the other realm. It really makes a difference for them and the prayers help them where they are and they really want all the people that they used to communicate with them to remember them. The old Egyptian saying that as long as a persons name is spoken they never die is true.

With all that say I wish all of you many blessings in this realm and the next.

About the author:
I'm a first level Shaman. I consider myself an Earth Shaman. Looking for being inclusive of all peoples and not just one culture or peoples.


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