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The work of a shaman

The work of a shamanbyJoey M. Joseph

Shamans work with Earth’s energy; they recognize the life-force in nature and understand the essence of the powers they possess. There developed spiritual sight has trained them to seek answers in the invisible world that interconnects all living things. They draw upon the relationships they spend lifetimes cultivating. The circle of life is elemental in nature; Shamans serve as intermediaries and divinators for all living things. They consciously and purposefully have the ability to traverse all realms, acquiring the knowledge, information and ceremonies needed.

Shamans work inevitability unifies Heaven to Earth; creating a portal for newly accessible information. The secret to spiritual connection is the partnerships we develop in all planes of existence. Their inherent sense of “seeing” what the naked eye does not, utilizing power consciously to use for healing purposes.

Traditionally Shamans traverse alternative realities to seek healing and have learned how to understand the language that spirit speaks, a communication based in metaphors and steeped in symbolism, a practiced art. Deciphering what symbols represent in relationship to living is a tool of empowerment. A symbol may be interpreted one way for me, yet another for you.

I hear the term Shaman often as all beings are born with Shamanistic capabilities.
In indigenous culture one does not claim the title Shaman; it is awarded by others in respect of the healing received. Shamans are often born out of their own suffering, as it is something that is birthed into existence.

To be part of the collective voice, one takes a chance on letting go of the idea of “separateness”, trusting the work we do is a tandem act, proving the qualities of a Shaman. Shamans spend their life giving voice and purpose to the partnership they developed, to bring healing to all living things and work in union with the Creator of all life.

About the author:
Joey M. Joseph is a Shamanic Reiki & Karuna™ master teacher, please visit Joeymjoseph.com or call (623) 698-6899


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