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Foot forth on dampened sun soaked aerated soil.

Slowly I mosey along mindful of all faint presence around.

Earth, Mountains, Stones, Wood, Water, Fire, Air.

Heel to toe, onward slow.

No eggshell I crack, head upward goes.

North, East, South, West, Up and Down.

My power stalks above me.

With searing vision it speaks to higher senses.

I feel him watching me, so I look upright and he blinks.

My winged messenger of beauty sets to air entranced upon me.

Its prey of spirit as my heart is its chute.

Talons pierce as blood drips.

He licks my cheek and I'm captured.

My souls wound opened, cleaned and extracted.

We are yoked as wings flourish on my feathery back.

Shifting, I look forward.

Shaped, as yellow sharpened beak becomes me.

The new viewpoint from tailor-made penetrating eyes.

To the wind flapping newfangled heavenly striped arms.

Afresh in the current of atmospheres.

Sailing on shapes of untouched forces.

Skimming the chalice of temperatures, densities, flows and etheric blueprints.

I am Wingwalker now.

Of matter to energy.

The saunter between the realms.

About the author:
David DeWolf is the author of, "Lofty whims of grace: An arcane journey". He is a published poet and writer. David is an energy healer and perpetual student of the spiritual arts. He holds a long, deep interest in the practices and wisdom of shamanic cultures. He finds pure inspiration exploring the profound wonders of the natural world.


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